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#3 on the field. Jaaaaack Henryyyyyyy Hoooollaaaaaand!!!!! woohooo- yeah- goooooo!!! Our nephew 🙂

This is about the only kind of football I dig. The kind where you can look for bugs if you are tired- get a pep talk from mom- sit on the 50 yard line for free- and everybody is a winner. We come from a small town where football is life- so Jack has dreamed of this day his entire life, and man- he is living it up! The only one who forgot what the team work and positive encouragement was all about was the psycho coach on the other team…a little too competitive and serious. Guess the NFL dream didn’t work out for him. It was entertaining!

On the Raven team- it was so cute to see Wes (Jack’s dad) and the other men trying to explain plays and positions to the boys. They did such a great job and were very patient. Everyone gets a turn and did a “great job!”

Yes- football season is here, and only in football can men get away with slapping each others’ butts, hug & and cry, and have fantasies.

Ladies- let’s start a support group. I’ll bring the wine! Happy Monday- xo

Oh the Nagel boys- what a hoot!!!

Country boys always win my heart. I laughed a lot during this shoot- even when I got shot towards with a b-b gun! (he missed and it was a total accident) Mason is such a sweet brother to the wild twins. As crazy as they all are- they love each other so much and are really best friends. My favorite kinds of sessions are just playing around in the country- and that is exactly what we did.

It was such a joy to photograph the Leyva family. Richard is on leave from deployment in Iraq. It was my pleasure, and the very least I can do, for all this family sacrifices for us everyday. Little Kaleb was so happy and easy goin….. they are also expecting baby number 2! I am really looking forward to staying in touch with this sweet sweet family.

For any photographers intersted in getting involved with this organization- please contact me with any questions… I have also posted the link below!

for more infomation on Operation Love ReUnited click here!

I can’t get over how flippin’ awesome this day was. Audrey had the best and most fun makeup artists and hair stylists. Not to mention a FABULOUS suite to spend the day primping. My uncle Tommy (father of the bride)  is always the comedic relief and definitely kept that up the day of the wedding-he was beaming with pride and joy. My aunt Tracy (mother of bride) would kill me if I posted the picture of her getting ready… but she looked smokin’ hot!  When it comes to designing and parties, she is the best and turns good into phenomenal. I swear she has a hidden magic wand! Guess who started working the day after on my wedding?! She is nuts, but I am so lucky to have her. Audrey’s mother-in-law is crazy sweet. Her group of best friends asked everyone to gather around Audrey to pray before the ceremony- It was a very special and emotional moment.

Then it was time for her to meet that lucky guy at the end of the aisle. I had seen her minutes before, but bawled like a baby seeing her walk down the aisle. It was beautiful. Kevin is wonderful to her and I know they are in love and happy. The are the best looking couple I have ever seen, so there is no way he is going to get away with me not insisting on doing a post- wedding shoot.

all my love- xo