Monthly Archives: October 2010

I had a great fall afternoon with the Lafreeda family- these boys are a hoot with very different personalities! You know when girls always talk about “what would I name my twins if I ever have them?” well– these 2 names are PERFECT! Cruise and Conner… precious I know. They were rowdy- but that is why I love my job. Thanks to their sweet moms for bidding on my silent auction package. My favorite thing about my job is getting to know new families.

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe 🙂

Picking the ideal location for clients is one of the hardest parts of the job. When I was brainstorming with the Gavegan family about where to go… they threw in the suggestion of their farm! um- yes please! It was beautiful- no not just the kids, but the whole area. So worth the drive. It was an adventure and so worth it. I am very eager to share their images. After the session- we kicked back in the yard with drinks in hand and watched the sunset before heading back to the big city. A perfect evening.

A quick trip to the coast to visit my family and take my cousin’s engagement pictures= perfect day. I was ecstatic with how each image turned out. They are so in love, very photogenic, had great clothes, and creative ideas- making my job a piece of cake. Lauren is off to China for work- she is an amazing designer… check her out at Triple L Designs! I am very excited for their wedding in April- after ours, so I will be down to P A R T Y. xo

ps- I survived Las Vegas! My ID and debit card did not

It is almost 2 a.m…. Love is in the air, and I am flying to Vegas tomorrow for a best friend’s wedding!

Hope we don’t come back married 😉 tempting!

I was so excited to get these images edited and blogged. Meet Ryan and Emily.  Ryan and I went to high school together and then off to the same college. Boy meets girl and friends like this girl…. so much that she becomes my roommate! We do not live together anymore, but have memories and a friendship that will last forever. Plus- we are both planning  weddings so it is twice the fun. Our photography adventure was great despite almost being eaten alive by insects- sorry Emily!! Love you guys-xoxo

I have really neglected this blog lately… and yes- feel guilty about it because I really love sharing current projects for all 5 people who care 😉 This is busy season and I have had a great few weeks getting to know some awesome families. The Ratliff family  and I met up early morning for a hometown shoot in Cuero… morning after the annual Turkeyfest (don’t laugh! it is awesome!). Gage was wide awake and a very happy boy. As soon as I framed the first shot in my camera- I got to see that beautiful 2 teeth little smile for myself. Rumor had it, he was a cutie- so true. Happy Monday! xo