Monthly Archives: December 2010

Isn’t she lovely! No camera magic- she is simply this beautiful. In all of the crazy holiday rush- I was really excited to switch gears and shoot the precious addition to the Ramos family. I camped out at their house and left feeling like part of the family. What joy this little one has brought to so many. Can’t wait to watch her grow up.  xo

We love this baby! I can’t even imaging what it was like last year before Lily was born. This was literally a 10 minute session while we were all in Cuero a few weeks ago. I could just look at these images all day. I had a very specific vision in mind and hunted for weeks for the perfect hat. I finally had one made and it came all the way from Turkey! Gotta love shopping on etsy!

In case I don’t get to post again before Christmas– I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday. May everyone see how truly blessed we are and remember what the season is really about. xo

Last minute Christmas sessions!! It really was so great to meet the Quinn Family- so so so so worth it. I felt terrible that they got so turned around when trying to meet me- especially since we were so pressed for time. The session went really well- hey jumped out of the car and were ready to work it! Gorgeous girls with sweet personalities. Thank you guys for choosing me to do your portraits this year! xo

Jacob and Mallory were the easiest kids to photograph, obviously photogenic- but also well behaved! For a boy, Jacob was a real trooper. I am not sure if they were really good at faking it, or actually really liked each other- but were really sweet. I am on an editing frenzy and am forgetting all about my lonesome blog. Gotta run, but had to share! xo

I also got to catch up with the Molina family! Aaron is just as cute but twice as fast as last year. Meredith was the same sweet little girl full of shy smiles. I was so excited when they called me for a family session this year. Follow up clients and referrals are the biggest compliment! It makes it so easy to just jump right in snapping pictures and catch right back up where we left off. Thank you guys for the fun and happy session.

I am on a roll! I am probably the slowest photo editer, but swear I am hancuffed to my computer until all cards are out. Now- off to work on the Molina’s card!