Monthly Archives: January 2011

yep- you know the rest! What a year it will be for the Bell family. I have so many to share from their wedding, but am in the middle of an inspiration recharge this week. I am attending the super packed Imaging convention at home is San Antonio and then off to a workshop in New Orleans. This is better than the spa. I am going to come back a new woman!

I have been watching these girls grow and come into their own for many years. There were some of my practice kids when photography was just an expensive hobby. To date- this was the easiest session with them. Usually someone is having an off day, but this glorious afternoon every one of them was loving and eager to be in front of the camera. Their mom is a great friend of mine and we were both very pleasantly surprised. These girls are so much fun and their house is always like visiting an amusement park…. never a dull moment. They even have horses- right in the middle of the city.

yes it’s true. i am still blogging holiday pics!

I am the slowest blogger in the world! This wedding was a while back, but I did not want to forget to blog my favs… and there were a lot. This wedding was a blast- start to finish. At the receptions- I felt like I was in the middle of Footloose. Every detail was perfectly in place. Everyone- including those working, had a great time!