Monthly Archives: February 2011

Finally! I have posted more of the pics. I love these images and am so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Bell. They are such great friends and I was so happy to capture their special day. xo

Some were hired, some volunteered, some thrown in front of the camera- all so beautiful and very photogenic. I love love love how all of us photographers shot the same subjects and got very different images. xo

In New Orleans, I got to learn from an amazing boudoir photographer… Kylene Cleaver with Leave it to Me Photography. Over email we decided to room together on the trip. She would laugh now knowing how excited and nervous I was to get to be her friend. ha ha. She greeted me in the airport with a huge hug and we were bff from that point on. Love her! She is so talented and one of the most giving and encouraging photographers I have ever met. I truly feel like her work inspires women and gives the gift of self confidence- no matter what size. (of course husbands love her work to 😉 ) I learned so much from her lesson and can’t wait until I shoot my first official LHP boudoir session. Love each other and love your self. Happy Valentines Day!

We work hard and play harder. It was a blast!  This little photog getaway was one of the best experiences of my life. This trip was a nonstop adventure of eating, drinking, shooting, laughing, and learning. Exhausting- and so worth it. I genuinely love this group of people and really feel like we will be friends for life. I was constantly surrounded by great talent and left so inspired. I feel so blessed by the opportunities God has presented over the past few years with my business. Here are a few images from behind the scenes… more to come. I am back to blogging baby! xo