Monthly Archives: April 2011

My relationship with this couple started out very complicated. We had 3 different connections through people in our lives and I had no idea it was all connected the same wedding. Then, to make things more complicated- they are have the same name! ha ha. I was literally having to say “Taelor girl” or Taylor boy” when needing to pose during the shoot. We share a close mutual friend and are all from nearby hometowns- so I knew we would hit it off great. They were open to anything, and I am thrilled with the images we got because of it. I made them risk tetanus, climb over a fence, hike through sticks (in heels!), and lay in a field with no blanket… you know- Twilight style aka Edward and Bella. I am really looking foward to their wedding this summer at the beautiful McNay Museum right here in San Antonio.

I am off to Houston for a wedding this weekend and then ….COSTA RICA!!!! I can’t wait!!! xo

It is almost high school graduation time!!! It seems like I just graduated and remember the excitement like it was yesterday. The Mangold boys were great to work with and had the best location right at their house and at their lease. It was totally worth the drive.  I am so happy with the images we got and hope to with them again when Kenner is a senior 🙂 Congratulations Garrett- best wishes!! 

GONNA GET MAAAAAARIED! Next week- I will be married women, and I am so excited.  I am a very lucky girl and have so many people to thank for transforming our family ranch. This has been the most awesome family project… at least I think so 🙂 Below are some pics of SOME of the helpers. Trust me- we have had many many more.

True story- these kids were doing so well at the session. They were smiling and getting comfortable with my camera…. and then (no joke) it swung around and hit 2 of them in the face- hard!!! I am still in shock that this happened and felt awful! There were tears and  bruises- but then, they got right back to action. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kids are so resilient and these parents were incredibly nice about the whole thing!!!!! Now that I have confessed that I beat my clients…. it was really a great session. Beautiful children that all got along… and I am not just saying this because I feel bad- it is so true. I just hope they have a terrible memory- ha ha. Thank you guys for an eventful afternoon and such great attitudes. xo