Monthly Archives: November 2011

Here was the result from the poetry board giveaway….we printed it big!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I am behind on blogging, but keeping up with editing. I love and hate busy season…. more love!!! xo Haley

For memory has painted this perfect day with colors that never fade, and we find at the end of a perfect day the soul of a friend we’ve made.-Carrie Jacobs Bond

I had the joy of photographing the sweet Myers family again. Sisters, Brynn & Lindsey, are super girly and fabulous! Always up for anything and creative with posing all on their own. When I first met them years ago they were really shy- you would never know it!  Some of my very favorite images from their session were totally their idea. What a perfect day!

Since I am working a lot this Thanksgiving- I am so thankful I love my job & clients. Here are a few to share from the wonderful Doerr Family. Now for round 2 on the Thanksgiving feast and a nap…. then more editing!! xo

She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language- and birds fluttered around her writing “yes” in the sky.

Sweet- beautiful- smart- funny Hannah is graduating!! We have been talking about this session for years… literally. I adore this family, but it was extra special to have the whole afternoon to photograph Hannah during this special time. Gotta run but really wanted to share these 🙂 xo

She added so much beauty to being human.

Miss Kahlei Matejek is about to be a college  graduate! I am very proud of her and so happy to be here friend. Cheers to the future! xo