Monthly Archives: June 2012

On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined. —Lord Byron

Ok- really, I am dancing with joy because their wedding is literally days away now…. in CABO SAN LUCAS. I am ready to kick off my shoes and leave my camera around my neck to photograph their wedding. I am so flippin’ excited and I don’t think it has even totally sunk in yet. Whenever we go someplace cool… I always wish 1) i had my camera and 2) even if I had my camera, I had someone to photograph. Brandon gets tired of hearing about the great locations and perfect lighting! Well- got my wish! They are an awesome (and great lookin’) couple and a ton of fun. I am so excited to come home with great memories and so many pictures I don’t know even what to do! Here are some of their engagement pics from a wile back. I have known and loved Mindy for years, and it was great to get to finally meet this “perfect guy” I had been hearing about from everyone. They are both really great and totally in love– adios! xo

Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we see!  – J Mangum

It was great photographing little Katelyn again. The wildflowers at the Haun Ranch were everywhere and every color his year! (in the spring of course) One of the cutest things I have witnessed at a session was K’s excitement over finding a little green caterpillar. That little guy made her smile and giggle, and I am forever grateful! It is always fabulous to catch up with the Haun family- xo

Before me lies the edge of the world. I am on my way there running. -Papago song

Connor is a high school graduate from Goliad, Texas. I am sure he is having the time of his life this summer while he prepares to head off to college. I was thrilled to learn he would soon be a roadrunner, attending UTSA in the fall. He is the definition of that all american small town kid. Such a gentlemen. Sorry ladies– he is taken!  — gooooooo runners!!!! xo

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. – S Suntac

Another senior session from this Spring to share. Sweet Emily! I photographed her niece a few times, and then it was her turn. Emily’s mom and dad toted us around downtown so we could jump out at all my favorite spots. Kind of like a drive by shooting…. with a camera of course. I have gotten to know this family very well and love spending time with them. xo

What month is it again? Just now sharing month 2, need to edit month 3, and shooting month 4 next week. I see lots and lots of this sweet baby!! It is getting more and more challenging to do evening shoots with little ones and their bedtimes and with it being so darn hot here in Texas. I remember when I was at summer camp. When we would complain about it being way too hot, we would hear the reply, “it’s not hot it’s summertime!” true- but still very hot! I do love summertime though – xo