Monthly Archives: October 2012

It is always awesome to show up at a client’s house and be overwhelmed by all of the great locations right in their own yard to shoot. They even had an awesome wispy field right next store! The Batchelor girls were so sweet and easy to work with, we had time to let their sweet pets in on the shoot- guinea pics and their beautiful lab. Thank you all for having me over to spend a great evening with you all! It is always so nice meeting new families and then even better realizing all of the people we have in common. Small small world! love it!

A few months ago- we spent a great evening photographing my sales consultant, Wendy’s, kiddos. She is always up for trying new locations, and I had been on the lookout for an orchard. I love Love Creek Orchard. It was great to get to know the owners and area. We got a grand tour and learned a lot. Check it out if you need a little outdoor adventure or fun road trip into the hill country. xo

May you always have a shell in your pocket & sand between your toes.

We had sand between our toes, in our mouths, eyes, everywhere! This little girl gets cuter and funnier every time I see her. Love sessions with little Olivia. I usually try to engage the kiddos in conversation when we are taking pictures so they don’t realize they are working. I just want them to think we are talking about their favorite games, movies, and what makes them laugh. Her parents were helping me, trying to get her to warm up and give us a few giggles.  She sweetly said, “Stop asking me questions, I am trying to take pictures.” Oh lordy- I laughed so hard. Great great session and I really appreciate them meeting me in Port A. It is always fun to shoot somewhere different! xo

Fun little session at home with the growing Moody family. Big sister, Camille, is always a hoot . We kept with our tradition and took the “real life” picture at the end of the session- always my favorite!!! Love you guys!! xoxo

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. – Bob Marley

I can’t believe this session went from gorgeous weather to pouring cats and dogs. I was partly joking when I told Ashley and Josh we could keep shooting in the rain… and they were totally for it! It was a blast. Really great way to end a session. Their wedding is coming up and I am really looking forward to it. They are so cute and crazy in love! xo