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The most incredibly thing about miracles is that they do happen. –GK Chesterton

Here is MY (our) little man! My beautiful nephew. Baby Wyatt has brought immeasurable amounts of joy to our family. It was such a blessing to be able to be with them his very first week of life. Most of the time I just sat there and stared at him, but we had to shoot his newborn session before I could leave Houston. Love the Saxe family and wish we were not just family, but neighbors!! xo

I am not even sure how to describe the emotions of the entire week leading up to meeting Wyatt…. waking up each morning thinking, “this could be the day!!”  Our entire family was beyond eager to meet this little guy. I camped out and refused to go home until his arrival. It was so special and so amazing to be there when Wyatt was welcomed into the world. Audrey was so amazing and Kevin was awesome, right by her side. The entire waiting room was filled with family and love. The day and delivery really couldn’t have gone better… In fact- the delivery went so fast, I was on rapid fire with the camera. Click HERE or on the image below to view the slideshow from the day- xo

Dream session! My beautiful baby cousin and best friend for life- about to have her baby- at our family ranch. The first pics are actually the spot where my husband and I got married. So special. Everyone was sooooo excited and giddy with anticipation to meet little baby Wyatt- he did not disappoint. I will be posting his birth slideshow and newborn session this week as well. To say that I am so in love with that baby is an understatement. It was amazing to be there when he was born and to get to spend so much time with him already even though we live many miles apart. xoxo

and they lived extremely happily ever after!! xoxoxo (check out that awesome dance… can’t wait to see the video!)

Warning- picture overload and I still have one post to go! I have never seen such extreme weather at a ceremony- overcast, pouring rain, then sunny and a rainbow. It was awesome. (no so great for camera settings! ha ha) Such a beautiful ceremony- I was in tears the entire time. I also cannot exaggerate enough on how much I appreciate when brides and grooms work in just a small window of time, during the perfect and best lighting of the day, to let me do my thang. We got some awesome portraits of Beverly and James! It was so much fun.

Shout out to my wonderful and talented friend- Kay Harmon of Kay Harmon Photography for the awesome job assisting and second shooting. xo