Monthly Archives: August 2013

True story– I babysat this guy when he was just a little guy. Hard to believe he is all grown up and off to college. He may look like a like a tough cool dude, but he has one of the sweetest hearts and is never too cool to run up and give me a hug. Always such a gentlemen. Love him and his whole family. xo

I have a few seniors to share from a few months ago… first up.. Macee! I am editing her sisters wedding right now. I was great to work with their whole family this year. Such wonderful people. I love small town girls!

One of my favorite little guys is the big ONE! No surprise he loved his cupcake cake… his nickname “yummy” is fitting.

I only had a few months off and now gearing up for baby boy numbero 3!!!! Kaden is going to be a big brother very soon. Love those Mosier boys.. the more the merrier. xo

Sweet sweet brother and sister on the blog again for Jaxson’s 3 month session. Some times little olivia steals the show with her spunky personality, but little Jaxson is catching up.

I think we have been talking about his sweet girl’s senior portraits since she started high school. Wow did that fly by!