Monthly Archives: October 2013

Why do babies have to keep growing? As sad and emotional as it makes me, I love every stage and changes in her little personality. Everyone is always asking me how often I take portraits of Caroline- saying it must be all the time, but that is not at all the case. I do try to snap some every month or 2. I have to be impromptu about it or it would never get done. We were loading her up in the car to head to Gram’s house and then head to Cuero’s Turkeyfest. The beautiful light and wispy pink field was calling. We stripped her down and grabbed some props out of my car and snapped these very quickly. My favorite way to shoot! xo

This session started out very exciting…. I stepped out of my car and practically over a very camouflaged water moccasin. I got to know the family very quickly when I went straight in the house to borrow a pair of real cowboy boots for the session. Besides that, it was a fantastic session. We had so many helpers ready and eager to do anything thing crazy I asked to get the perfect shot for the bride, M’lis. Wonderful wonderful people and beautiful bride. It was one of those evenings with amazing light you just have to stop thank God for. xo

Oh how I adore the Bludau family! Sandra’s friendship has been such a blessing to me personally and to my business. I knew as soon as we met at starbucks long ago (maybe 2 years) that we would be forever friends. I really don’t remember my life without her.  I cherish her priceless advice on life, photography, and now mommyhood. We grew big fat and pregnant right alongside each other. We love shooting together whenever we can, and it was an extra treat to make her get on the other side of the camera. She has done it so many times for me! It has been wonderful seeing Cole become the sweet big brother to baby Jake. The only meltdown we had at the session was when he really really really wanted to hold the baby in all of the portraits. It is hard to get frustrated with that sweetness! Love what we captured. xo

Juuuuust now getting to blog Wyatt’s 6 month session! sheesh- time is flying! I love this little many more than words could even explain. Still have his 9 month and year session to get up here. Enjoying that flashback for now though. xo