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Look for heaven on Earth; it is all around you.   – unknown

It is a wonderful joy to photograph these beautiful moments for close friends. Jenny was a gorgeous pregnant mama and now she and Brandon are amazing parents to baby Kason. Will share his newborn session soon. xo

Leave time for moments of wonder.

Before heading to our dear friends’ wedding the other day- we took a few pictures outside at Gram’s house in Caroline’s fancy little wedding outfit. Everyone assumes I am always taking pictures of her, but that is not as true as I wish it was. I sure do enjoy it when I do though. Here is our little lady at 9 months. xo

A new baby is like the beginning of all things, all the wonders, hopes and dreams.   – E.J. Le Shan

I have had the honor of photographing Rachel and Cullen’s engagement, wedding, and now sweet newborn baby… more importantly, the I have the blessing of being their friend. On a Saturday back in October we were strolling through the streets of our hometown together and then get a call on Sunday that it is go time! To say it was a quick delivery is an understatement.  I had been on call for weeks anticipating a call to head to the hospital for the birth. I got a text saying they were going to the hospital “but would probably get sent home” … funny in hindsight. They barely had time to make it to the labor and delivery wing of the hospital before baby Zoe was born, even leaving their car in the emergency entrance. I really didn’t expect to see a baby when I got to the hospital, but was so excited and happy for my friends on their new beautiful perfect baby girl. Attached is a link to her birthday slideshow-

Welcome sweet baby Zoe Jeanne Doehrman!

I got to spend a beautiful evening with these beautiful children and their sweet mama. Fun twin girls and a very cute little bother. They were so nice to each other and wonderful to work with the entire session.

Here is little the little guy’s 9 mont session. All smiles– with one tiny little crying fit that was too cute to not snap a few pics of. These are some of the most beautiful baby blues I have ever seen! Adore this sweet little guy. xo