Monthly Archives: February 2014

Had this beautiful woman call me up for some head shots with a more casual feel. She is out on the dating scene and wanted to put her best foot forward. What a gorgeous woman and a lucky catch for any man!

So looking forward to Jeff and Hillary’s wedding in early May! — small down kids that are crazy about each other.

Love their engagement story- “He took me on a picnic on a beautiful bank of a small spring fed creek. After we ate lunch, he pulled out an old flour jar and said there were cookies and brownies insides…. underneath was the ring box. As soon as I saw it, he was on is knee.” right out of a movie right!?

Also, love that their favorite date is grabbing pizza and beer and heading out to the country to just be together and hang out. xo

It is always so wonderful to meet new families an an extra bonus when their children are so sweet to work with and sweet to each other. This was a great session on a beautiful day a few months back.

Yes! My sweet cousin is excepting baby number 2 very soon and Wyatt is going to be a BIG brother. Our whole family is very excited and can’t believe all the wild additions we have had the past 2 years. Like every parent expecting their second- Audrey and I have talked a lot about how big brother will react and how this will change his world. Change is exciting, hard, and sometimes even sad, but as soon as baby Levi gets here we will all see how he fits right in to our crazy bunch. Wyatt will have the blessing of being a big brother and meeting his best friend for life. I stayed with Audrey and Kevin for almost a week to help get ready… and really just hang out, before Levi gets here…. and that really could be any moment according to her Doctor. So- I am on call and hope to make it for the birth. We almost let the whole week go by without taking a few special portraits of mommy and first baby. During last few moments of daylight we remembered we hadn’t taken them. I ran for my camera, and audrey ran for lipstick. Just like that we made the shots happen. Real life sweet moments. Big changes coming soon, and it is going to be wonderful. xo

I got to see Samantha in a whole new light! She is a very close friend and it was an honor to photographer her bridal session and stand next to her and Ben as a bridesmaid at their beautiful wedding. Lots of pics, but I loved her session!!