Monthly Archives: July 2014

It is always bitter sweet for me to end a year of milestone sessions. I get to know the families and babies so well, and am always in awe of how quickly the grow between the months in a year. My life has been blessed with families who stick around and support my business. They come back to me to capture their families even after the baby stage is over. I get to see the adorable babies become children and those children become teenagers and on and on as life keeps changing. The Parmas have definitely been on of those families for me. Here is a look back at their fall family/ Jaxson’s cake smash birthday session. I am looking forward to their next session… we are thinking the beach! Can’t wait to hug these sweet kiddos. xo

This little lady came into this world fast and alert– so I shouldn’t have been surprised she was any different at her newborn shoot. Wide awake and looking around with her beautiful baby doll eyes. Proud daddy, Cullen, is a firefighter- so of course we had to incorporate his hero gear!

This was an ideal newborn shoot. Loving big brother, beautiful cooperative tiny little baby, and fantastic parents who happen to be our sweet friends. Isn’t she so cute?!

Sometimes you KNOW God puts people in your life at the perfect time. I don’t know how I went so long without knowing this amazing family, but better late than never. Watching their littlest grow up and capturing it with my camera and getting to know them all has been a true blessing. Each one of their children is so kind and has a fantastic individual personality. Their sweet mama has been such a great friend to me and has motivated me in every part of my life. Especially becoming a new mother myself. I truly look up to them as parents.  You may notice the last image is in BW- that is to hide the fact that they are in Christmas pjs… and I am still that behind on blogging.

When we shot this session back in the fall, the Mumme family had a big announcement….. little Levi is going to be a BIG brother! July is here and we are all anxiously awaiting Levi’s little brother. I am on call and ready to head to the hospital to capture his arrival! xo