Monthly Archives: November 2014

Love seeing this sweet baby grow via Facebook. Was sad to see them leave San Antonio, but this sweet family could be happy happy anywhere together. I was honored that they asked me to photograph their sweet baby for her newborn portraits right before their big move. Seeing your friends become moms is the best!

san antonio photographer 000san antonio photographer 001san antonio photographer 002san antonio photographer 003san antonio photographer 004san antonio photographer 005san antonio photographer 006san antonio photographer 007san antonio photographer 008san antonio photographer 009san antonio photographer 010san antonio photographer 011

I swear this beautiful young woman was just a giggly little girl! Wow, she has grown up quickly. She is so naturally beautiful and sweet. Don’t let her beauty fool you- she can also drive a tractor better than any boy around. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this wonderful girl. xoxoxo

san antonio senior photographer 141san antonio senior photographer 142san antonio senior photographer 143san antonio senior photographer 144san antonio senior photographer 145san antonio senior photographer 146

I was about to post the Dec. mini session information and realized there was a birthday boy who was way more important! Nate! Happy birthday to our little rough and tough dude. We love you so very much. xo

san antonio photographer 01san antonio photographer 02

Excited to share some very cute baby bumps! These were literally 5 minute, or less, sessions. Sometimes before church or after a wedding ceremony is the best time for some impromptu portraits! I am very excited for all of my sweet friends about to have babies!!  xo

san antonio newborn photographer 01san antonio newborn photographer 02san antonio newborn photographer 03san antonio newborn photographer 04san antonio newborn photographer 05san antonio newborn photographer 06