Monthly Archives: March 2015

Thanks to this beautiful weather, Brandon and Caroline have been joining me during photo shoots lately. Love that Brandon takes that time to let her get outside and explore while trying to cure her fear of bugs. It also gives me a chance to snap a few pics of her between wardrobe changes or after the shoot. She is really starting to enjoy being in front of the camera, so I am trying to keep it that way and have fun with it. Love this little baby. soaking up our final days with our one year old before her big 2nd birthday which is around the corner!


Check out this little hunk of love! It is cheeks like these that squeezing and kissing were invented for. Darling baby Sam was a doll during his newborn shoot. Loved getting to spend time with the Gamble family in their beautiful home filled with lots of love. It was the perfect setting for family cuddles and brother time. Just love them to pieces and always feel like we have been friends for life when we are together. xo

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We are in Houston visiting this little birthday boy and excited to celebrate his first birthday. Seems like we welcomed him just yesterday (Levi’s birth slideshow) and in a blink of the eye he is ONE. Levi has the sweetest and easiest little personality- even from the beginning. He might be one, but he is still our baby!

Levi ONE001Levi ONE002Levi ONE003Levi ONE004Levi ONE005

From a wedding in Cabo and now a baby on the beach… I would follow the Fry family anywhere, because I know it will be tropical and always a good time. (Finally) Introducing baby Barrett! I am not an early morning girl, but it was easy to get up before the sun to get ready for this little guy for his newborn beach portrait session. We started the session at the Port Aransas Jetty- it was our crew and a the fisherman. Everyone was ooh and ash-ing over this little guy… even a few dolphin and sea turtles were swimming around in the water right by us to get in on the action. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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It’s never a surprise when guy’s don’t get all excited about portrait day. But- they sure know how to turn on the charm when they want to be done as quickly as possibly! Thank you handsome boys for humoring us and getting it done. You did great!

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