Monthly Archives: October 2015

Here is a shoot from last year with the Riewe boys! I hope their mom can laugh about it all now- they showed up to the shoot and forgot the favorite sweater at home- super dad turned around and got it while we started the shoot. Worth it! How cute is that little Austin in his sweater and hat?? These handsome boys know how to turn it on for the camera and then had me crying laughing behind the scenes. I have LOVED working with them over the years. xo

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The Parma Wedding!!! Everyone- including those working had a great time! Special thank you to Michelle Jones with Michelle Jones Photography for shooting this awesome wedding with me at my favorite wedding venue… The Venue in Cuero, TX.  I know this is a long post, but there are so many great details and love in these photos! I can’t stop picking favorites. Thank you Meagen and Trey for choosing me to capturing this beautiful day. xo

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We hit downtown San Antonio for Meagen’s bridal portraits. Her dad and stepmom came along and were the most amazing assistants. Everyone literally stopped in their tracks to check out the beautiful bride. She got so many sweet compliments– she is stunning!

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I am going to make this Meagen and Trey week. Really excited to share their engagement, bridal, and wedding portraits. They have a beautiful small town love story that really started with they were kiddos.

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This baby. I just adore everything about her. Caroline helped me at a flower shoot a few weeks ago. She doesn’t mind if she is behind or in front of the camera… you can imagine how happy this makes me. shout out to Katrina Fabela at The Flower Kitchen. Can’t wait for her to get her website up and share it!

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