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Loved spending the evening with the Ortiz family. We walked around the Pearl Brewery and I just captured them doing their thang– just being cuddly and silly. It was so great. I love photographing happy people!

Sharing our quick fall shoot of the Boehl family. Nate and Caleb– those boys have my heart!

Karen and David created the most beautiful and intimate setting for their wedding. They were surrounded by their immediate family at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, TX. They wrote a wonderful review that I wanted to share here. xo

“A wedding day is arguably the most important day of one’s life, and we couldn’t be happier that Haley was there to help capture ours!
While it is an exciting day, there is naturally some stress that comes with preparing for it. One of the biggest tasks is making sure to have a photographer lined up; one that coordinates and communicates effectively with you in the days leading up to the wedding, as well as executing on the big day itself. Haley absolutely did such an excellent job at both and it really eased a lot of the stress involved with all the planning.
We had no idea what we were really looking for and Haley helped us in deciding what we’d like to do for the pictures, and put together a package for us that suited what we needed perfectly.

When we chose the original location for our wedding, Haley did a great job keeping in touch with us while we provided the location, number of guests, and other parts of the agenda. When we had second thoughts on the location and decided to change things up with only a month to spare, Haley didn’t miss a beat and synced up with us on the details of the new location and new agenda very quickly which helped make the transition a lot easier.

On the day of, Haley was punctual, arriving before any of us did and had all her gear ready to go. She explained clearly to us what her intentions were in capturing our day and how things would flow before, during, and after the vows were exchanged. Her direction and patience resulted in some truly beautiful pictures. We were at the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Antonio on the first day of Spring Break. This is a public location and despite a steady flow of passersby, all of the pictures Haley captured were excellent, with no unwanted strangers in the background.

After the wedding, Haley remained in contact with us, providing regular updates and clear instructions on how to view the photos on her website as well as information on ordering and pricing. When the pictures arrived, we were absolutely stunned by the quality and clarity of them all. Thanks to her timing, assertiveness to communicate with people walking about to please remain out of view, and of course her skill with the camera, the pictures came out flawless.

We’re so happy to have chosen Haley to be there with us to capture our special day, and grateful to her for capturing our precious moments together with friends and family that we can look back on and cherish forever!
Thank you, Haley!”


I am missing last year’s bluebonnets!! Here is a look back at a few more sessions from last year.

Look at my twin nieces! Holy cuteness x2! They are the most darling, happy, squishy babies. We love them to pieces. Big cousin, Caroline, was so very helpful when we snapped some pics of them. Of course her “real baby” had to get in on the photoshoot action as well. We love you Harper & Ryan! xo