Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Adams family welcomed another darling boy into their family 8 months ago. Big brother Brantley was so wonderful with his new baby at their family portrait session. What a sweet little addition baby Callahan has been. I have really enjoyed getting to know this family better!

Julie and I have been talking about working together for a long time and she called when it was time for Becca’s senior portraits. The designer in both of us started planning right away. The Sunken Gardens in San Antonio was the perfect place for this beauty’s session. Adore this young lady and loved working with her! xo

Our sweet baby Lyla June is here! #proudaunt She is so fabulous and absolutely wins best baby hair. Patrick and Kortnee made their first family road trip to Cuero a few weeks ago for my baby shower and we found time to sneak away to the studio to photograph this little beauty.

All of these beautiful people make up a real life family! I know they look like a catalog ad. Their friendship has been one of my biggest blessings since moving to Cuero. I love raising our kiddos together and swapping parenting stories. I was happy happy happy when they wanted to book a family portrait session. I knew it would be a wild adventure and it didn’t disappoint. It ended with lots of mud and a naked booty swimming with their pet duck. It will always be one of my favorite photography memories! Simply childhood at it’s finest and awesome parents who didn’t get in they way of the moment. “It’s just mud.” ha ha ha

“Back in the days before motherhood, during our long wait to the world of parenting, I used to listen to a song by The Civil Wars titled “To Whom It May Concern”
I believe the song is about a woman waiting to meet her future husband but when I listened to it all I could hear was the waiting to meet YOU part. I heard a mother waiting to meet her future child and had no idea when that blessing might come in my life.
This one line in particular held my heart:
《I missed you but I haven’t met you oh but I want to》
Every minute waiting for him was worth it. Every single time I listened to this song I imagined a beautiful baby face in my achingly empty arms but even my imagination couldn’t make up this perfect little man. Now I look at him everyday. he is so handsome and I love him so so much. How can this life be real?”

I stole this from mama Briana’s instagram post the other day and thought it was perfect to share with their post of first family portraits. Baby Xander came blazing into their lives and hearts. I am so very happy for them!