about the photographer

10014360_10101369770570845_8493811402925772261_oHaley Cowey, a big-town born, small-town raised, and beach-town traveler, loves remembering the important moments in life by capturing them in photographs and then turning them to art.  She began this obsession in an attempt to understand features offered on her first camera, a gift from her father.

Once Haley learned the joy of mixing light, color, lenses, and props to create lasting memories, she began to look for artist inspiration.  In her hunt, Haley discovered that pouty faces, baby-soft blankets, pink tutus, fields of wildflowers, and rustic antiques created images that illustrate a characters’ interests, aspirations, and feelings.

Haley Cowey, born in 1985 on the day Halley’s Comet came over Earth, has always been motivated by the special, coincidental serendipities in life.  From infancy and first steps to graduation and champagne toasts, Haley and everyone at Laura Haley Photography are ready to capture special moments in your life and turn them into memorabilia that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Laura Haley Photography site.  Please contact me with any questions.

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