Baby Xander

“Back in the days before motherhood, during our long wait to the world of parenting, I used to listen to a song by The Civil Wars titled “To Whom It May Concern”
I believe the song is about a woman waiting to meet her future husband but when I listened to it all I could hear was the waiting to meet YOU part. I heard a mother waiting to meet her future child and had no idea when that blessing might come in my life.
This one line in particular held my heart:
《I missed you but I haven’t met you oh but I want to》
Every minute waiting for him was worth it. Every single time I listened to this song I imagined a beautiful baby face in my achingly empty arms but even my imagination couldn’t make up this perfect little man. Now I look at him everyday. he is so handsome and I love him so so much. How can this life be real?”

I stole this from mama Briana’s instagram post the other day and thought it was perfect to share with their post of first family portraits. Baby Xander came blazing into their lives and hearts. I am so very happy for them!

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