Every once in a while I get to photograph something, like a wedding, that I would love to do all over again with the same wonderful people. Well, it happened. I got to photograph another amazing Shiner, Tx wedding for a younger sister of a former bride. I adore this entire family and broke all my rules to clear my schedule and take on this wedding. Worth it! I am so happy for Lauren and was thrilled to catch up with everyone. We went to a family farm to shoot her bridal portraits- love the memories they keep adding to this beautiful gathering place. We went back the day of the wedding. Excited to share- In the grassy shot- you can see the church she would be getting married at!

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This week, I am wanting to blog a few sessions from last winter. It didn’t seem right to post this sweet sister session during the hot months of summer- would have been such a tease! I seriously adore these sweet sweet beautiful girls.

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It’s hard to say what creates a perfect session, but I think this little lady nailed it. Natural, outdoors, timeless, love, flower crown, cap sleeve dress, lovie, and cake cake cake. This little darling girl is loved so very much and is surrounded my some awesome women. It was a joy getting to work with all of these beautiful ladies and this beautiful day! (shout out to Katrina Fabela with the Flower Kitchen for the perfect flower crown!)

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I had the absolute joy of working with the sweet Donna and her kiddos. It was an instant connection with this sweet family, and I am so blessed to know them. I have heard so many wonderful things about them, and was excited to finally meet and work with them- they are stuck with me forever. I have been praying for them long before I met them and ask for all to keep praying for her strength and modern medicine to kick this cancer. I hope she truly feels how loved and admired she is.  The location we photographed their session is sentimental to their family and memories. Wonderful memories we added to with this shoot.

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I just saw a Facebook update that baby Wyatt is now 1/2 a year old.. which means I needed to blog his newborn session asap. Anyone who ever checks this blog out knows that the Matthews have changed over the years and appears on this blog often (family, engagement, wedding, more weddings, maternity, newborn 1, now newborn 2) . They now have 2 darling little boys and are happier than ever. It is the biggest blessing that I have friends, who are repeat clients, and have supported my business since the beginning. Sometimes sibling shots are hard to get when kiddos are so close together, but Luke couldn’t have been more wonderful and sweet with his baby brother. I just love their love!! xo

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