Sweet baby Kole- aka- the youngest mosier cowboy, is going to be ONE soon! Every time I have the joy to capture one of these little guys first years of life- it goes by faster and faster. The portraits are from early spring when there were lots of exciting things going on on the Mosier ranch. The most exciting was the filming of a reality television series called Highway Cowboys. So yes- I am a celebrity photographer;)I even had to sign a model release in case I ended up in some aired footage while photographing the little mosier cowboys. See- never a dull moment! Great show — go check it out!!!!  Love that wild Mosier family. xo

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It’s that time a year again when Slade and I start planning his famous Christmas card portrait session! Here was his mini shoot from last year.  This awesome guy sends out over 400, yes, 400 Christmas cards! He is a wonderful person and great friend to all. Glad to know him! xo

san antonio photographer004
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I have been honored to photograph these girls a lot lately with one graduation right after the other! Really enjoy my time with them- they are also amazing babysitters.  I always leave the Matecko girls thinking “wow- I really want a sister or 2″ These girls are hysterical together and just lovely young women.

san antonio children photographer01
san antonio children photographer02
san antonio children photographer03
san antonio children photographer04
san antonio children photographer05

You know when 2 of your best friends get married, and then have a kid… that little guy is going to be pretty darn awesome. Baby Nate did not disappoint and is getting bigger and just more awesome by the day! He is a large crawling and watching machine now, so it is very fun to look back on these images when we was so so teeny tiny.  Here was a more recent shoot we did. What a little hunk!! Love you baby Nate!

san antonio newborn photographer001
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san antonio newborn photographer004
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Another fun wedding up on the blog! I went a little overboard with the images I wanted to share, so I created a little slideshow bellow. Please click on it to view more image from Hillary and Jeff’s special day.

Cheers to these small town kids falling in love and living happily ever after! xo

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