I survived my first seasonal mini session in October, and loved it so much I went for another one. I found this little tree in the ground while shooting family portrait session, and instantly knew I had to offer one day of mini sessions for Christmas. All of these families are repeat clients and dear friends. Loved getting the quick chance to catch up with all and make this memory for 2014. With this Texas weather, I have given up the dream of a white Christmas and am now dreaming up future mini session ideas……. xo


Rachel was one of the coolest girls I have ever gotten to photograph. Amazing style and vibe all of her own. Love how she rocked her awesome glasses and bad A boots. She is obviously amazingly gorgeous. Love her! xo

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Smiley little Slone! Flashback to his 6 months session. I just photographed his one year birthday party and it all happened in a blink! He is such a sweet boy. xoxo


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We thought this baby was never going to come, and in God’s perfect timing he did. Pauline and Charlie were at their house getting dressed to head in to their induction appointment (not the “natural” birth she was hoping for) and so was I at my house. Then I got a few texts, while loading my car, that it was go time. She went into labor all on her own and baby was on his way! I rushed to the hospital to be blocked by the big L&D doors and a nurse that said, “just one moment, she is in the restroom. ” So I played the hurry up and wait game and was getting antsy when Charlie finally came through the door letting me know the baby was here and to come in and start snapping pictures. WHAT?! I missed the actual birth, but seemed like everyone almost did. The baby was known as the ” bathroom baby” and Pauline’s birth was as natural as it can be. Just the way she wanted and God had intended all along. They named him August, and he is absolutely perfect. He is now a bubbly 19 week old who smiles nonstop. Just adore him and his family. My favorite part of photographing births is when a sibling gets to meet their baby for the first time. Levi loved him right away. And just like that, they became a family of 4. xo

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This pretty lady graduated last spring and is off to aggieland. She has the sweetest heart and the best smile!