I am all sorts of out of order blogging lately. Had to share this session of my sweet friend, Amanda, and her family… staring Vivi! If you can’t tell, this little lady is exploding with personality and cuteness. I always get nervous photographing other photographers and their familes- this was no exceptions since Amanda is a great on herself. Check her out at ARG photography. She is also a rockstart blogger! Amanda said it perfectly when she said she wanted to let go of control of the session and “just be Vivi’s mom” . xoxoxoxoxxoxo

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I actually got my act together in time and offered super mini fall pumpkins shoots! Loved each session- got to catch up with old clients and meet some great new ones. Each evening was different light, but I think that made each session uniquely beautiful. Thank you to all the sweet families who came to capture their little ones personality and fall 2014 fashion. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween. I have gotten wonderful and encouraging feedback…. now thinking of future mini seasonal shoots……

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This very nice and handsome young man is now off to college. I know portrait day isn’t guys favorite, but he was great and was so sweet about his mom and sister snapping some with him as well.  He has those high tech glasses that get dark when it is bright. So we would hide them and then put them on fast. It was comical- but totally worked! Great shoot with very sweet clients. xo

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It is always wonderful to work with the Cuero Lady Gobblers. I have literally watched them grow into the “super” ladies they are today. Proud of this varsity team and have so enjoyed working with them over the years. xo


This little love bug is now 7 months old and the SWEEEETEST baby. He has been laid back and chill since day one. Wish I got to see him more, but the holidays are coming up and he is all mine!  Wyatt has grown into his big brother role amazingly and couldn’t be sweeter with “brother”.  I can’t get enough of this family of 4 and these 2 boys – love them so very much.

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